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Peel and Stick Tiles

Wanting to restyle your home? Why not do so in a way that’s functional and stylish as well as simple and affordable?

Peel and Stick are perfect for Backsplashes, Wall Tiles, and Floor Tiles.

These peel and stick tiles take the simplicity and ease of traditional backsplash. These peel and stick tiles are a great way to makeover your kitchen, backsplash, bathroom, wall tiles, and floor tiles! With a variety of color to choose from, these peel-and-stick tiles are also designed to have a 3-D texture that looks like real subway tiles, making it easy to give your home a casual-chic makeover.

Made with materials and a proprietary glue that can withstand the heat of the kitchen and that can be wiped down for easy cleaning, these multi-colored tan, beige, and white peel and stick tiles make for an elegant backsplash. While they can handle steam so you can use them in the bathroom, they’re not recommended for use directly in the shower.

We have peel and stick tiles for walls, peel and stick tiles backsplash, peel and stick tiles for shower walls, peel and stick tiles bathroom, peel and stick tiles for kitchen. These faux-wood and marble tiles are high gloss and water-resistant, making them the perfect addition to a kitchen or bathroom.